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According to sociologists and philosophers, the concept is a self-evident one. They describe society as an aggregate of people, as a society divided into classes or as a community – but also as an impossible object. Why is the answer so vague? There is a conceptual wall that stands in the way of a definition of society, at the same time as society must be defined in order for the social sciences to be possible.


Human Society. Social Theory: Wholes, Parts and the Field of Toleration shows how society can be defined based on philosopher Uuno Saarnio’s logical categories of the whole and the field of toleration. Through this, it is also possible to describe the structures of society and man’s action within society. This volume argues in favour of a reshaping of the social sciences. Rob Myatt has translated this book from the Swedish original Människans samhälle published in Finland 2020.


399 pages, 


ISBN 9789526950716


Ragnar Stara (born 1948) received a Bachelor of Arts in Political History from the University of Helsinki in 1972, and released the book The Concept of the Nation (1980) in Swedish after his doctoral studies in Uppsala.

Human Society

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